Why are you still grinding your teeth?

Wearable A.I. to track your bruxism behaviors so you can reduce stress and the painful symptoms.


How it works

Whenever we clench or grind our teeth… we contract our temporalis muscles. BruxRelief Premium helps users track temporalis contractions and alerts users to stop harmful behaviors. BruxRleief also provides in-depth sleep analytics, cognitive-behavioral training, stress reduction techniques.

The painful symptoms of bruxism behavior






Do you have a warranty?

Yes, we have a 1 year warranty for your device. If your device is not working just send us an email to replace@bruxrelief.com, ship your BruxRelief device back to us and we'll ship you out a new unit right away.



How do you keep my BruxRelief device updated?

Because your device connects to your smartphone through our BruxRelief app we are able to perform Over-The-Air (OTA) updates. Meaning, you'll never have to worry about connecting your device to your computer.



Can I wash my headband?

Yes, we've built your BruxRelief device to be washable. All you need to do is unmount (take out) the BruxRelief sensor module from the headband before throwing your headband in the wash.  Please allow your headband to air dry; using a drying machine could shrink your headband.



How does BruxRelief work?

Changing any behavior is best done with a friend. Imagine you have a problem of biting your nails with stress. If you had someone that could watch over you day and night to make sure you don't bite your nails... if you had someone to help you in journaling your behaviors, stop you when you perform those behaviors and guide you through cognitive-behavioral stress reduction and meditation techniques... you would quickly see this behavior diminish or completely go away over time.  BruxRelief Premium works in the same way. We help you become more aware of your bruxism behavior and help you uncover the daily decisions and the stress that manifests bruxism so you can reduce or eliminate this behavior from your daily life.


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