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Back in Bozeman

Updated: Jun 30

Special thanks to Bozeman Makerspace for giving Trevor and I such a great place to work.

Quick update. I'm back in Bozeman to work with Trevor and the goal is to produce our first 20 units to send out to volunteers for some real world testing.

On my last trip to Bozeman, in early July, we ran into a couple snags. It was the first time we had brought all pieces to the puzzle together and we found several improvements that were needed in the design, sensors, app, hardware, and even the firmware.


  • We found the sensors needed to be bigger to able to accurately receive muscle activation signals for a variety of head shapes and size. Hardware: We found that the battery charges too slowly and simply changed a resistor in the PCB design to accomplish a faster charge. 


  • The previous behavior tracking response, once clenching or grinding was detected, was instantaneous feedback and had only one level of intensity. What were working on now is to create a gradual and escalating feedback response. As an example, if your clenching or grinding, we think its best the tracking mechanism first alerts you subconsciously with a low level vibration, and then if the behavior continues to the feedback gradually builds in intensity until you stop the behavior. 

  • Additionally, we are making some improvements on the detection algorithm. Mainly adding a couple more steps of sampling in the calibration sequence to clean up the incoming sensor data. 


  • With changes to the calibration, we found opportunities to make the app more intuitive to step the user through proper calibration of their device. So Andrei has been busy moving/changing/adding some buttons and functionality to the app. 

  • Second and perhaps the the biggest push we are focused on in the next few weeks is adding OTA functionality or "Over-The-Air" updates to the app in and device. We see this as a crucial function that we need to incorporate before we ship the BruxRelief device. It incorporates changes to both the Firmware and App, but it will be essential developing a better product. Mainly, we realize there is much to learn from YOU our backers. In rolling out our device we hope to get great feedback on improvements we can make along the way. Making changes to the app functionality will be easy, but if we want to make changes to the firmware, such as the detection algorithm or tracking response functionality, we will need OTA. OTA basically allows the BruxRelief app to communicate and update the firmware on the BruxRelief device. So, we believe it is a crucial function we must have, especially in this early phase of the product where we can get great feedback from our backers and make any necessary optimizations or changes to the App and Device.

That's all for now, I should be back with another update sometime this next week, latest Friday, to let you all know how things are going.

As always, we thank you for your patience, support and good wishes.

In your corner,

Brock Predovich

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