• Brock Predovich

BIG News Coming!

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Dear Backers and Supporters,


I've been delaying for weeks on updating you, for that I apologize. In my absence of updates many of you have expressed concern that the project is dead... it most certainly is NOT DEAD ;) and I'm sorry to have caused you concern. I made a promise to you all that I/We are not giving up, and we won't.

We are awaiting approval for a big announcement we will hopefully be able to release next week, something we've been working on for several months. A partnership that will allow us to get to manufacturing faster.

Since starting this project, I've entered some of the most difficult years of my life. I won't go into delay but it's tested me on every level. Furthermore, it's tested my team. Trevor, Andrei and I, all located in different places across the globe. Trevor working as much as he can while supporting his family with electrical engineering freelancing jobs and Andrei crushing code for BruxRelief while working on his degree and putting himself through college with freelancing working... and me (as described in the last update) working as close to full time on BruxRelief as I can while building greenhouses and garden sheds to support my family and keep BruxRelief alive.

The team is finally all together ;)

I wanted to thank all of you. You don't know how much your support has meant to me and my team. Having all of you as supporters and backers has kept us going through some very difficult times. WHY??? Several reasons we haven't given up and won't give up when I think many teams, many Kickstarters/Indiegogos would have.

I speak for my team as I want share with you our whys / philosophy:

- Commitments matter - Beyond business or any obligations, commitments matter. We each have one chance at this life. The interactions we have, the relationships we build, the commitments we make, they matter; especially when people are depending on us for a solution to a painful problem.

- Worthwhile journeys are often hard - In no way has this been easy. What they say is true; "hardware is hard" and health hardware adds another level of complexity. BUT, what they also say is true; "anything worth doing, is never easy". We enjoy the process, all the lessons we've learned from the beginning. Sure it would be nice to snap our fingers and poof there's BruxRelief, but in terms of life's journey, driving and delivering BruxRelief through all the strife will be one of the greatest days our lives and that's the vision we continue to work towards.

- Bruxism sucks! - Many of you that have backed our project know just how bad bruxism sucks. I personally know it sucks. The pain in your jaw muscles, your teeth that sometimes feel like they're going to fall out, the stiff neck, neck spasms, the headaches, the migraines... OMG the migraines, where your head is throbbing like you have the worst hangover (with zero fun the night before) and nothing works, no medication makes it go away. It's down right depressing waking up with that lethargy and pain and knowing it'll be around all day. I know just how much BRUXISM SUCKS! Someone gotta do something about it!...... I, WE, ARE doing something about it... YOU, our backers and supporters are included in that "WE"! It's been a long road and I can't tell you how much I've appreciated your support throughout this journey. We will deliver on our promise, help is on it's why.

There's still a road ahead and I will do my best in the next few months to give you a timeline for when we will be able to ship your device. Right now we've been testing the device amongst our team, friends and with a couple dentists and getting great feedback to make the device better. We've got a few changes to make with the hardware, app and design. BUT... we're about to get a WHOLE LOT more help in getting these changes made faster... For one, Trevor and Andrei will soon be working full time on BruxRelief. This alone well speed up our delivery.

I won't spoil the announcement anymore but I'm excited to share with you what we've been cooking the last several months. HOPEFULLY, cross our fingers, we'll be able to share the good news with you next week. Stay tuned...

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