• Brock Predovich

Bluetooth 'Sleep' Mode & Campaign Update

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Hello Backers, 

First just a BIG thank to each one of your that has given BruxRelief life. Each contribution helps us edge closer to our goal manufacturing. 

A few backers have expressed concern over the bluetooth function of the device, requesting there should be an ability to turn this function off during the night and sync data only in the morning. We really like this idea and it will be really easy to implement and the savings on power consumption would be HUGE. So, we would like to inform you all that we will include a "sleep' mode with BruxRelief that will allow you to shut the bluetooth module off while you sleep and you'll be able to sync your data with your smartphone in the morning.

Thank you to Anthony, Dylyan and Andres for your great feedback to make the BruxRelief device better. <3

CAMPAIGN UPDATE: We are now over 70% funded with over 120 backers. We are so honored, blessed and excited by these results achieved within our first week of launching. 

BUT, we need your help... As you know 1 in 3 people suffer from bruxism disorder but only about 10% of sufferers know they have the disorder. In other words, 33% of our population suffers but only 3% has been diagnosed. This s BAD!

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