• Brock Predovich

BruxRelief+ Premium Shipping

Dear backers and supporters,

Oh my goodness it's been a long road! Over four years in development, but we are finally here. BruxRelief with built-in wellness features (BruxRelief+ Premium) will be shipping this Friday (21 Aug 2020)!

Over the last year, BruxRelief has been used by volunteers and clinicians as an assessment device to detect grinding and clenching behaviors. This allowed us to gather a great deal of data to perfect and fine tune our detection algorithm, which is the first and most crucial piece of creating a feedback device. Obviously, you have to be able to first detect a behavior before you can make a user aware of that behavior.

After numerous assessments with over 40 clinicians across the country we finally had the data we needed to confidently step forward with integrating feedback and other wellness functionality into the device and app.

Over the last 4 months, we've completely redesigned and rebuilt the BruxRelief app from scratch, building on all the great feedback we received from both clinicians and patients. For clinicians and patients we've made assessments even easy with improved navigation and intuitive design features. Additionally, with the goal of finally releasing BruxRelief app's wellness features, we integrated vibrational feedback to occur whenever clenching or grinding behavior is detected. Lastly, we also created several audio/video training modules. These training modules that will be accessible via the app will guide users through various stress reduction, self-massage, and stretching techniques as well as a host of other helpful content. Bruxism truly takes holistic approach to overcome, and that's why we're giving each user a whole bruxism toolkit that fits in their pocket ("their smartphone").

We're a bit partial ;) but we are so proud of the new app set to release on the app store by end of this week. After more than fours years of work, you can bet we'll be celebrating as the first device gets shipped out ;)

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