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BruxRelief Starter Kits Shipped to Dentists for Wellness Data Collection

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Dear Backers & Supporters

It's been an exhausting but exciting last several months. As you may already know, we've been developing two separate devices; BruxRelief and BruxRelief Premium. BruxRelief's technology is used as an assessment tool clinicians can use to gather data and support their diagnosis of bruxism. BruxRelief Premium is our wellness device to help patients reduce the painful symptoms of bruxism disorder.

We have been able to pursue both paths of development because the underlying patent-pending technology is the same, and both bruxism assessments and bruxism wellness are about temporalis muscle contraction detection.

All manufacturing for both devices is complete and now we are moving into fulfillment.

Our original goal was to ship BruxRelief and BruxRelief Premium simultaneously; however, over the last few months as we finished manufacturing it was apparent this strategy would not work and we needed to be laser-focused to achieve milestones. We are now fulfilling orders in two phases.

First, we are fulfilling our BruxRelief assessment solution to clinicians across the country and then we will ship BruxRelief Premium to the over 300 backers we have across the globe. Here's why...

Our end goal with the BruxRelief devices is to help the millions of people suffering from the painful symptoms of bruxism. BruxRelief Premium will do that! But first, we need more data to perfect our wellness algorithm. BruxRelief used by clinicians as an assessment solution will give us the data we need to make sure our wellness functionality accurately responds to each clenching or grinding behavior.

So, with this strategy in mind, we launched our Pilot Program with dentists across the US.

In November we launched our Pilot Program for clinicians with an online launch event that quickly reached over 115 registered dentists. Friday last week we shipped each dentist their assessment "Starter Kit" which they will use to perform up to 12 assessments.

Over the next several weeks, we'll be working closely with Pilot Program member dentists and their teams to answer questions, receive feedback and rapidly integrate what we learn to make BruxRelief Premium's wellness functionality perfect.

Early April will be our new target for shipping out BruxRelief Premium.

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