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Call for Volunteers

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Lots of updates, but first, as promised, a sneak peak of the app Andrei has developed.

Call for Volunteers

As mentioned in previous updates, we're releasing BruxRelief in small batches to start out. We're doing this in an effort to learn from you and refine the BruxRelief device where needed. If any crucial changes to the device are made along the way, we will work with each volunteer to replace the device they tested so you will not miss out on utilizing the best device for your needs. Click the link below to be one of the first to use the BruxRelief device.

*** Please Note: Volunteer selection is exclusively for BruxRelief's early backers on Kickstarter, Indiegogo as well as preorders through our website.***

>>> BruxRelief Backer Volunteer Signup <<<



  • Mandy (COO) and I met for a few days a week ago in Seattle to plan out manufacturing and the steps ahead for the business.

  • We're in talks with several promising investors.These conversations don't affect our trajectory and current rollout plans, but they are fundamental to the next stages of Bravrr and BruxRelief as the business and product develops.

  • We've just submitted patent applications to China. With our US patent application in place we moved forward with a Chinese patent to further protect BruxRelief's novel sensor technology and apparatus within the international market.

Device and Rollout

  • We tested the two batteries that we sourced from China. Both were great quality and the size was exceptionally small. However, we believe we will need more capacity. One battery clocked in at 9hrs of power for continuous use and the other clocked in at 11hrs. This is sufficient but ideally we'd like something close to 16 hrs. So, we are currently sourcing a higher capacity battery from the manufactures to solve this requirement.

  • With the battery still not nailed down we will be delayed a week or two in releasing our first units for testing with volunteer backers. The problem lies in the plastic housing. While we can easily source a higher capacity battery, we will then need to adjust the plastics that house that battery. That adjustment will be easy but we will need the battery in hand to make sure there's a perfect fit before we can send out any units.

  • As Andrei has finished up the App, Trevor has made some updates to the PCB (bluetooth computer that runs the device) design that will make our manufacturing process simpler. These changes do not affect the size and shape of the PCB so that will not have to be adjusted in the design, but this delays our manufacturing of the PCB at scale by a few weeks. Luckily Trevor is a ninja and he will be manufacturing the first small batch of PCBs by hand and that will allow us to release the first batch of units to our volunteers.

  • Myself, Mandy and Trevor are meeting in Bozeman, MT on the 26th of June to begin assembly of the first batch of units. We will most likely put these units in the mail to the first batch of volunteer backers in the first week of July.

Thank you again for your continued support of our mission at Bravrr and helping us launch our first product BruxRelief. 

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