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Cellerant, What's Next & Netherlands

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Dear Backers & Supporters,

The past several weeks have been FULL to say the least.

First I want to share with you some really exciting news that's a few weeks overdue on the business side and then I'll update you on BruxRelief's development.

A few week's ago we signed partnership agreements with Cellerant Consulting led by Dr. Lou Shuman who has decades of experience in innovation within the dental industry. Dr. Shuman was one of the key architects with Invisalign's success within the dental industry, he is a monthly contributor to Dental Product Report magazine and creator of the dental industry's "Best of Class" Technology Awards. Needless to say, Dr. Shuman is one of the top innovation minds within the dental industry and his team (Dr. Chris Salierno, John Kringel, Lauren Burns, etc.) at Cellerant is the leader dental product development and launch strategy.

The Bravrr / Cellerant partnership will help us leverage Cellerant's vast fundraising network, regulatory oversight and strategy, as well as dental industry marketing outreach with dental publications and key-opinion-leader/influencer marketing. We're very excited to be working with our new partners at Cellerant.

BruxRelief Development


As you may know from the last blog, we made some changes to the detection algorithm. We made this change to make the algorithm more dynamic in that it constantly calibrates throughout the night to deal with the small changes in sensor position that would naturally occur during the night as we all move about during sleep.

When we made this change, it also required Trevor to move his coding to a different development environment in order to properly flash the new code to the PCB (circuit board)... Now to put this in a language that I can understand, the move to a different development environment was like moving from Microsoft Word to Apple Pages... many things are the same but it requires some configuration and relearning.

When we tried to update the device with the new algorithm, the code stopped working. BIG problem. So, Trevor worked for a few weeks to diagnose and fix what was going on to no avail. Then Trevor did something I'm really proud of and said "hey, I think I need some help." Luckily we both know a guy that just LOVES writing code and making firmware work... Chris.

We hired Chris a couple weeks ago and he's been at work fixing the bugs. He has the algorithm running again and now just cleaning up the code and integrating a few other components we'd like the algorithm to handle. So, the firmware update at the moment is still in progress but we're hoping within the few weeks to have that piece finished.


A few weeks ago Andrei reported that he a completed the OTA update function of the app which is HUGE. Now we will be able to update any user's BruxRelief device via the BruxRelief app. Awesome! We still need to test this OTA function once Trevor & Chris are done with the latest update to firmware, but we expect the test should go well as Andrei has already been able to perform an OTA update on an early version of the firmware.

Netherlands & Further App Development

While Andrei and I wait for the firmware to be updated, last week I traveled back to Netherlands to work with Andrei so we can start moving forward with a few new features to the BruxRelief app that were previously planned for future development. We're working away here in Deventer, NL and utilizing local libraries, his dorm room and lots of coffee to kick through the code.

Brock secretly snapping a selfie. Andrei hard at work on the app.

Namely, we are first building out the backend dashboard for dentists to be able to use BruxRelief within their offices. This update will allow dentist to utilize BruxRelief as an assessment tool in the diagnosis of bruxism with the additional benefit of the patient being able to use BruxRelief's built-in therapies if bruxism is diagnosed by the dentist.

Another exciting initiative, we are building out the cognitive therapy /training side of the BruxRelief app. Meaning, within the BruxRelief app, you will able to access guided audio therapies before bedtime to reduce stress and subconsciously reprogram your facial muscles to reduce or eliminate grinding behaviors during the night. Lastly, we are working on a really cool journaling feature within the app that will allow you to track and make sense of your daily dietary and behavioral patterns that potentially increase your bruxism behaviors during the night.

Our goal with the cognitive therapy and journaling features of the app is to provide you with an even more powerful solution. Studies show that over 70% of bruxism is caused by stress. Behavioral tracking is a great tool in making you aware of your facial muscles activity so you can reduce or eliminate bruxism behavior; however, cognitive behavioral techniques and dietary/behavioral journaling attack the root cause of the behavior itself in helping you deal with the stresses of the day and pinpointing the dietary/behavioral choices you may not be aware of that cause or increase your bruxism behavior.

So, even though we've been slowed down a bit on the firmware side, we're not sitting still and continuing to advance BruxRelief's functionalities.

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