• Brock Predovich

Design Update

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Dear backers,

As promised I wanted to give you a quick update on the latest design for the plastic enclosures for BruxRelief. One of the biggest changes we have made over the months is stepping away from the reusable adhesive gel to secure the device to one's head. The problem we found is... hair. While I, as a male that usually keeps his hair cut short, find the adhesive easy to use, tests with other individuals with longer hair it became as problem and it was uncomfortable in removing the device as it would pull on the person's hair. 

So, we have been working with an adjustable 'clamp' type of component to the design that the user can adjust to their ear to secure the device and sensor to their head. As we are using plastic to enclose the electronics and sensor we are also creating several points of flexion within the design so the plastics can be molded to the individual shape of one's head.  

We will keep refining the design to make is sleeker and more comfortable to wear but tests sleeping with it at this stage have gone very well. 

 As mentioned in the last update, we have built and tested our first small batch of PCB circuit boards with great results. We are now in the process of added a couple more components to the boards that are meant to increase the fidelity of our sensor. We will test the new boards once received, but we are confident they will be the final version of the electronics behind the BruxRelief production ready device. 

 Please let us know your thoughts, questions as we edge closer to our final production design. 

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