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Netherlands Report

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Dear Backers & Supporters 

Last week’s trip to Netherlands to work with Andrei was arduous, BUT extremely FRUITFUL!

Andrei is a coding machine. We spent one day in Amsterdam to visit and work with a mentor from the Rockstart Launchtrack pre-accelerator program that we went through over a year ago, but nearly 18 hrs a day we were coding for the rest of the week.

We coded like crazy and pretty much never left his small room. I slept on my camping mat on the floor and Andrei took the occasional break to cook us a simple Moldovan (Andrei’s from Moldova;) meal, yes, Andrei cooks too! It was grueling but we had a blast crushing milestones in development.

Brock and Andrei

At one point I said, “Andrei, you are machine, you haven’t left the room and you’ve only stopped to eat and sleep.” He replied, “yeah, I can do that because I’m young.” Which made made me feel old... ;) To my credit I think I kept up with him pretty well for being 16 years his senior.

Andrei successfully connected the mobile app to the device and worked with our engineer Trevor back in Bozeman MT to integrate all the necessary functions of the device and app (download user data (bruxism events) from device, live calibration of sensor and vibration settings, graphic display of bruxism events and behavioral tracking results over 7 day and 30 day periods). 

Andrei is putting on the finishing touches now and we will share a video in the next week that demonstrates the user interface of the app we (Andrei) created. Here’s some teasers attached below.

Andrei made so much progress that we even started working on the infrastructure and app functions needed for dentists to utilize the BruxRelief device in the near future.

While Andrei worked on the app, I worked on the less important, but still crucial task of updating the BruxRelief.com website, to which I also tapped into Andrei’s design expertise. The previous website was par at best, mainly a series of quickly designed landing pages for consumers, dentists and investors, and NO blog. 

Before I left Netherlands on Friday, we launched the NEW BruxRelief website, that in my opinion looks a whole lot better and now has a blog component that will make updating You and future users more easy and readily available. Check it out... BruxRelief.com

Next Steps:

Andrei and I came up with an idea for the manufacturing design of the sensors that I’ll be working on and testing this week. Currently building each sensor and plastic housing for the electronics takes about 30/45 minutes, I believe this new design could shave off some crucial time and look forward to testing it this week.

Andrei is finishing out the app like I mentioned before and will be publishing it internally so that Mandy, Trevor and I can start testing it with the device over the next few weeks. 

Trevor is perfecting the detection algorithm we are making one small change to the PCB, relocating the micro-USB port to a different side of the board, which will be a very simple change as we’ve confirmed the PCB schematics are perfect.

Mandy is working with Trevor to put our first small order of PCB’s into manufacturing. So we will have them available mid June to begin device assembly and shipping out to the first batch of backers by late June.

Trevor and I our testing out the rechargeable batteries used to power the device; we’re compare two different batteries one bigger, one smaller (a couple millimeters difference). Our goal is always to minimize size but we have to balance that with usability. We should have a decision made within the next two weeks.


That’s all the updates for now, we’ve made great progress the last couple weeks and are on target to began manufacturing / shipping in small batches late June. I will send out another update within the next week hopefully with a sneak peek video of the BruxRelief app.

One small quote to end this update, something that really hits me as BruxRelief comes into reality...

In life, in between where you are now and your goals there is obstacles. Sometimes these obstacles seem insurmountable, overwhelming. Each obstacle presents two paths. You can make excuses or you can make decisions. Excuses lead to, well, excuses. Goals, dreams, a life unrealized. Decisions in the face of any obstacle are rarely big, they are small; and this is where bravery comes in. Bravery is present and patient. The obstacle may be enormous, but the decisions are not. Bravery is not only that first decision that you will go forth, it is the presence to break down that obstacle into its smallest parts and take action on ‘what I can do Right Now.’ Bravery is taking the obstacle, no matter how big, and breaking it down. It is the patient, small, arduous, boring, tedious, fearful tasks that allow you to climb over, run around or break through that obstacle on the way towards your goal. 

Be brave my friends.

As always, send us good vibes, luck and prayers for the weeks ahead. 

In your corner,

Brock Predovich 

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