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On the Cover & Wellness Release

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Dear backers and supporters,

The last few months for all of us have been nothing short of tumultuous. We could focus this blog on all the ways this has turned life upside down, but we won't. I'm sure you'll appreciate not receiving yet another piece of content on focusing on Covid-19. We instead want to focus on some good news... What progress we've made since February and our plan for wellness features release.

First off, let me be clear, we are most definitely moving forward, this pandemic hasn't stopped us. We made a promise to you our backers and supporters and I/we aren't going to let anything stop us. We may have been slowed down a bit, but we keep making forward progress.

Next, I just wanted to share some good news and say "thank you" to our partners at Cellerant Consulting for helping us connect with and be featured on the COVER of April's "Smart" issue of Dental Products Report (DPR) magazine. DPR is one of the leading dental industry publications with over 100k subscribers. We are honored and grateful for DPR sharing BruxRelief's technology with the dental community.

Now, let's talk about what we've been focused on in the last couple of months. From our previous pilot program launch in the dental community, we learned a LOT from the dentists that used our device as a bruxism assessment tool for their patients. We've reviewed the feedback on everything from the packaging, in-app user education, app design itself, and specifically the detection capability of our device and the data we present to the user. One of the biggest pieces of feedback we received was, "I love the app, super easy to use, and I love the data I can access with about my clenching and grinding activity... but what does it mean in relation to others... are my results good or bad?" Essentially, dentists and patients were asking for context. They wanted to know whether the assessment revealed above average, below, or just average activity.

Over the last month, we've worked hard to redesign the app with two main focuses. Firstly, we wanted to make the most important information quickly available and give the user a form 'temperature reading' of their activity. Secondly, we wanted to make the navigation of the app much easier to use. We added 'swipeable' navigation at the top that allows the users to quickly move between past sessions of data and made all the information that was previously displayed on multiple screens and condensed all the data into one scrollable screen.

Lastly, over the last couple of months, we've combed through all the raw sensor data we received from the bruxism assessments we collected during the pilot program. This information has helped us fine-tune our detection algorithm that we will use for our wellness functionality. With this analysis in hand, our NEW team member, Jake, is currently programming the wellness driver within the app.

We expect to be done with the app redesign and the integrated wellness functionality within the next 30-45 days. We've completed assembly of all BruxRelief devices in our first batch of production, so, once the redesign and wellness functionality is complete we will begin shipping BruxRelief devices to our backers.

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