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Pilot Program Launches With Early Success

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Dear Backers & Supporters,

As we continue to move fast through our first production I wanted to give you a brief snapshot of what we've been working on the past few weeks.

I'll first talk through some development and manufacturing items we've completed and then reveal some exciting news behind our recent launch of our Pilot Program to the dental community.

Data, Algorithm & App:

For the last year, we've focused on processing sensor data directly on the device itself and then sending this preprocessed data to the app for display. This was done with the initial intent to conserve battery power by minimizing transmissions of data to the smartphone and app. However, with preprocessed data, we were not getting a full picture of what's actually going on with the patient, our sensors or wellness functionality during the night.

We realized that in the future we'd really like to collect ALL the data so that we could make use of machine learning to extract additional information from the data we are collecting. Pre-processed data just wouldn't work.

So, in the last 6 weeks, Andrei, Trevor and I have been working to completely overhaul the fundamental functions of the BruxRelief device and stream all data to the mobile app where it is then loaded to our servers and processed for detection & display of bruxism activities to the user.

Thanks to my team's hard work we are now able to collect all valuable data from the sensors, perform extremely accurate detection and wellness for bruxism activities, with no effect on power consumption or battery life.

Testing, Feedback, Improvements:

Several dentists have now tested the BruxRelief device in their practice and we've collected great feedback on how we can make the app more intuitive and perform better.

Andrei has made several improvements to the app that we should be able to release in the coming weeks for more testing with dentists. Improvements include a new calibration/user tutorial sequence that is activated once a user starts an assessment or wellness session and we've also made some improvements to how we display the data we've collected throughout the night (example below). With the additional fidelity of the sensor data we are collecting we wanted to display this data to the patient and dentist in a way that easy to understand but also provides access to detailed views which give them confidence in how the device and algorithm work to detect bruxism activity throughout the night.


We now have our first 10,000 headbands in production. 9,500 will be our headbands made specifically for dentists performing bruxism assessments with the BruxRelief device and 500 headbands will be produced specifically for our backers that pre-ordered the wellness option of BruxRelief. It is a relatively small run of manufacturing but it will give us all the units we need to fulfill pre-orders BruxRelief wellness and also fulfill initial dentist orders for Pilot Program launch.

Additionally, mid-November we completed and passed FCC testing of our devices electronics and we have scheduled CE certification testing slated for early January of 2020.

NOW... The GOOD Stuff :) - Pilot Program Launch

On November 1st, we launched registration for BruxRelief's Pilot Program. Our original goal was to generate 20 dentist registrations during the month of November for the program; BUT, that goal was crushed in the first 8 days!!! We finished out the month of November with 70 dentists joining our pilot program... WOW!

Over the next week or two, we look to close out pilot program registrations once we hit the 100 dentists mark.

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