• Brock Predovich

Production Delay

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Dear backers,

Regretfully I must inform you of a problem we’ve encountered in our manufacturing and the actions we’re now taking to correct this problem.

Just before Christmas we were informed that one of our suppliers for the Bluetooth micro controller component (the ‘computer’ that runs our device) ran out of stock and wouldn’t be restocking (manufacturing) this component until March 2018. This was a heavy blow to receive just before the holidays as I’m sure it is a heavy blow to you now as I’m sure you are eagerly awaiting your BruxRelief device.

Upon hearing this news we reached out to several of the suppliers distributors to see if they had any extra components in stock that we could acquire to meet our deadline. Unfortunately this was not possible in the quantities we need.

This event exposed a large and unforeseen weakness in our plan, I am truly sorry. We had no idea this supplier would operate with such limited supply. However, with every setback there comes an opportunity.

We never want this to happen again. Therefore we’re making a bold move to engineer and build our own custom Bluetooth micro controller.

This move has several advantages... We’ll be able to make the BruxRelief device even smaller because we’ll be able to get rid of unnecessary features of the generic micro controller we were using and we will be able to reduce the battery size required to run the device because we will have more control over how the micro controller functions. Lastly it will give us complete control over our supply chain for this very crucial component for the future.

The obvious disadvantage is time. We will need much more time to design, build, test, and begin full production of our device.

The good news is that we moved fast and found an outstanding engineer to join the team and begin designing our custom micro controller and he is about 90% finished. However, like I mentioned, we will need to time to manufacture a small batch of samples, test and ensure quality and performance of the new controller before we can fully manufacture BruxRelief.

I know you have been extremely patient and supportive of our work thus far, but I’m conservatively estimating we will need 6 more months before we can deliver BruxRelief.

This pushes our target ship date from February 2018 to June 2018.

There is a chance we will be able to deliver much sooner but I want to properly prepare you for a longer wait time for the product to arrive and make sure we take all the necessary steps to get the BruxRelief device done right.

I will keep you informed of our progress as we move forward in this new direction and will answer all questions that come up.

Again, I am very sorry for this news of delay but I am excited to have the opportunity to build an even smaller, better device because of it.

Please let us know of any questions, concerns and even frustrations that come from this news; we are here for and because of You. We are committed to getting this great device built first for You our backers and appreciate all the support you’ve given us.

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