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Shenzhen Accelerator Complete... Next Step Manufacturing

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Hello Backers and Supporters,

WHOA! That went by FAST!!! HAX hardware accelerator in Shenzhen was INTENSE but so much fun and so beneficial for our team.

HAX Hardware Accelerator Demo Day Pitch Event

So many improvements in such little time. They told us HAX was the place for rapid iteration and they were right. On my side with design, I must have gone through at least 20, maybe 25 different prototypes, small feature changes to entire re-conceptualizations of the design. Trevor probably went through at least 10 different designs of our circuitry and numerous additions, subtractions and changes to the fundamental workings of our firmware on the device. Andrei, didn't escape either with more fundamental changes within the app in how it retrieves, processes and handles data coming from the BruxRelief device.

All plastics design files are done and we are currently interviewing several manufactures in Southeast Asia to help us fabricate the metal molds we need for the injection molding process of our plastics. Once we find the right manufacturer, the mold making process where they use a CNC machine to precisely shave away material in a block of metal takes about 4 to 8 weeks to get right on average.

While mold making and then the actual production of plastics is going on, Trevor will be handling the fabrication and assembly process of our circuit boards (PCBA process). This will be relatively straightforward and we already have vendor in place for this.

And still while all that is going on... Andrei is literally on a plane right now and will be joining me here in Indonesia to work side by side finishing out some tasks still left in developing the app as well as refacing BruxRelief.com as we get to ready to fully launch BruxRelief to the dental and primary care industries.

Why I am in Indonesia? First, I'm touring several different manufactures here for our plastics, but just as important, the last component of BruxRelief that still needed some love was the actual headband (the soft-goods). I left Shenzhen after the completion of the program there two weeks ago and since then I've been meeting with manufactures for the plastics and now rapidly prototyping designs for our headbands with my wife and her fantastic tailor. Indonesian craftsmanship and textiles industry is known world-round for it's attention to detail, style and quality. We've been testing out different types of webbing, fabrics, colors, threads and different types of stitching patterns... basically, the overall look of the BruxRelief headband.

So this is what we're going for...

BruxRelief Therapy and Assessment Headband Design Renders

And here's where we're at... almost done!

We're using a really cool design for our elastic webbing in the front of the headband and lining that on the inside of the headband with an incredibly soft bamboo, cotton, spandex blend fabric that feels luxurious on your skin. BruxRelief is obviously something you'll be sleeping with so we wanted to make sure it feels incredible comfortable and looks cool to boot ;)

We're now mixing and dying the bamboo/cotton/spandex blend fabric to match the right colors we want from the renderings you see above. As soon as we've got a match with the colors we will move into production for this soft-goods component of the headband.


There's a lot of pieces still coming together, but they're being nailed down quickly. Right now we're expecting to start shipping to backers for therapy in October / November.

As I do at the end each update, I want to thank each one of our backers, supporters and investors that believed in us from the beginning. Your patience, encouragement, feedback and guidance along the way have meant the world to us. From Andrei, Trevor and I... THANK YOU, so much! This dream is finally real!!!

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