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Shenzhen Development Update

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Dear backers and supporters,

The last six or so weeks have been incredibly busy here in Shenzhen. I'll update you on each piece of the development below.

Sensors and Electronics: We've condensed the size of the electronics and sensor considerable. We've moved from a cumbersome design with the electronics module in the middle of the forehead and two separate sensors on each side of the head to just ONE single unit containing one sensor and the electronics all fitting within a circular module that is smaller than and apple watch... 37mm (1.4in) diameter by 8mm (.31in) thick.

BruxRelief module and sensors BEFORE HAX

BruxRelief module and sensor AFTER HAX development sprint

Headband: We're still in the process of locking in a final design for the BruxRelief headband but considerable progress has already been made in effectively achieving comfort and usability. Our goal is to make the headband feel natural and an easy addition to your sleep routine to put on. We are aiming for it to look sleek, stylish, sporty, modern in it minimalism; but, also let the user know when they put it on that "this headband does something," it's more than just a headband.

Modular Headband Iterations

Again we've still fleshing the design out, much work to be done in the weeks ahead, but I believe we're headed in a great direction.

BruxRelief Adjustable Headband Concept

App: For the app, we've made many significant changes to the backend of how our device and app communicate, store and make use of the data our sensor collects from the user and how the wellness functionality will ultimately operate. We've moved much of the processing of data over to the user's smartphone which helps considerably conserve battery power, but the main addition the user will notice compared to our last iteration of the app is an additional "detailed view" of one's nightly data. Now a user or clinician will be able to click on the data from a specific session and get a detailed readout of the user's complete session. Meaning, the user or clinician will be able to see exactly when, how many times and how long they clenched or ground their teeth during the night. Additionally, they will also be able to track their movements during the night to get an indication of the total quality of their sleep.

BruxRelief App Detailed Views

Final Thoughts: Now that the hardware, firmware and plastic enclosures are pretty well nailed down we will continue to focus on the headband's overall look and feel. We expect this to be completed with a full "design lock" for the entire device in the next 2 to 3 weeks. With design locked in, we will be ready for the final phase of the process which is the industrial design. The industrial design is where the HAX accelerator design team will step in and help us create all the files we need to send our device plastics off to are manufacturer for plastic mould fabrication and then starting the injection moulding process to create all the plastics we need for our device. The last and final step will be working with a medical device manufacturer to perform final assembly of BruxRelief.

Given the steps ahead, we are estimating we will have first units off the assembly line and ready to ship in October 2019. As you well know, it's been an incredibly long road to get to this point, many learning lessons, delays and gut checks along the way, but the end (the beginning) is well within sight. We are so proud and excited that soon this device will finally be in your hands (and on your head) to bring you the therapy you deserve.

In your corner,

Brock Predovich

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