• Brock Predovich

The BIG News... Hello From Shenzhen!

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Dear Backers and Supporters,

Finally we get to release the BIG news we've had to keep bottled up for a couple months until approval came through (boring paperwork stuff). So here it is...

A couple short months ago we received an invitation to join HAX Hardware Accelerator in Shenzhen China and with acceptance into the HAX program we received a $250K investment into Bravrr to finish developing BruxRelief and start manufacturing. Additionally... more good news... we raised an additional $30K from angel investors in California and Colorado. (See full press release HERE)

This was a monumental WIN for our team and YOU our backers! HAX is the premier hardware accelerator in the world and located in the heart of Shenzhen China which allows us to move at warp speed to iterate the remaining tweaks to the BruxRelief device and ready all its pieces for manufacturing. Additionally, with the money we've raised these last few months, my cofounders Trevor and Andrei are now working full-time.

For over a year, Trevor and Andrei have been working nights and weekends, part-time, to get us a beta device that we've been testing with a handful of volunteers and dentists. As you may already know from past updates, I've been working as close to full time as possible amongst building garden sheds and greenhouses to self fund Bravrr and keep this dream alive. So, you can't imagine how excited we are to finally be able to work full-time on BruxRelief so we can deliver on our promise we made to you.

The last couple months since receiving our acceptance into HAX we've been moving at breakneck speed to get ourselves and everything ready for our move to China (we'll be here 3 to 6 months). We've now been here in Shenzhen for the last 3 weeks and our pace has increased even more. We've taken in great feedback from our volunteers and dentists and now making a few changes with the design and functions of the device. Presently we're working with HAX's design staff who are helping us to 1) make the the device smaller, sexier and more comfortable, and 2) designing the device in the best way to be manufacturing ready.

Already we've made huge improvements to the function and design of the device and all the electronics and sensors will now fit within the space of an apple watch. We're now going to start testing out different materials to use for the headband portion of the device and I'll report back to you soon with each development.

Again, I can't tell you how excited we are. It's been an incredibly long and tough road and there's still much work to do, but these last few months were a BIG win!!! ...for ALL of us.

Thank you so much for your continued support. We will keep working hard, as fast as we can and we will see this through. We will get you the bruxism solution you deserve, BruxRelief.

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