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The Bozeman Build, New Device & Plan

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Dear Backers,

Lot's of moving parts this last few weeks, just got back from another trip and meetings with Mandy in Seattle and wanted to give you all some updates.


First, thank you to all the backers who volunteered to become early testers of the BruxRelief device. We had over 45 volunteers. We plan on shipping July 15th to the first 20 volunteers. The first 20 volunteers we've selected should receive an email in the next few days with instructions and further information we will need.

Bozeman Batch Build

We've received all the parts to build our first batch of 25 units in Bozeman MT July 9th-11th with our engineer Trevor. However, we're still waiting on the batteries. There's still a good chance they will arrive on time but I wanted to warn you there may be a delay while we wait for those to arrive. The plan is to build 25 units, 20 will be sent out to the first group of volunteers for testing and 5 will be kept to test locally with a couple volunteer dentists we've found with their patients. 

New Device

This is the first time I've mentioned this, but I am excited to share that in the background we've been working on a second apparatus / device for bruxism. This device was included in our US and Chinese patent applications. It uses the same novel sensors that we've developed for BruxRelief, same bluetooth enabled micro-controller (the 'brains' of the device), but instead of the device going around your ear like a bluetooth headset, it will be a lightweight minimal headband. 

The advantage of the new device is that it is much easier to construct and in many ways easier to use. 

Why did we develop a headband and ear device?

The ear device is great. It's compact, fits around your ear and you can use it during the day to fight daytime bruxism. Our ambition is to make one device that fits around all the different shapes and sizes of ear out there in the world.  As we discover if that will be possible, we've taken some steps to stack odds of a successful design in our favor:  the headband.

Our solution thus far has been to make the ear device adjustable so that each person can mold it to their individual ear; but we need to get it out there and tested by the early volunteers.  We will see our path forward more clearly as individuals try out their devices. 

Our commitment is to provide a solution that helps each of our early backers, PERIOD. So, while we are confident in both styles of device, we have a backup plan if the ear device takes longer to perfect. We want YOU our backers to have a solution to solve your pain.

How is this possible? Modular design.

As mentioned in previous updates, we've built BruxRelief with a modular design. This keeps the controller and sensors contained in separate enclosures. Meaning you can take the controller and plug it into the headband or the ear device. 

Therefore, for our volunteers especially, we will instruct them to first use the headband device for wellness but we will also ask them to perform a fit test of the ear device. Once proper fit is confirmed for the ear device we will send instructions on how to detach the controller from the headband and reattach it to the ear device and initiate wellness. In this way, we can make sure our backers get the wellness they need right away and we can ensure our ear device first achieves a proper fit before testing/wellness begins.


So, here's our plan for the next 60, 120, 180 days.

Phase I - First 60 Days (July - August) - 60 Units

Beginning July 15th we will build and send out 20 ear device and headband device units to volunteers. First we want these volunteers to use the headband for immediate bruxism behavioral tracking. We will also request that these volunteers perform a fit test of the ear device.  Once correct ear fit is confirmed, these users will be given access to use the ear device for wellness. So, first they will use the headband for wellness and then once correct fit is confirmed we will instruct them to begin using / testing the ear device for wellness. In this way we seek to get our backers immediate help with their bruxism but also get some great feedback to make sure our ear device is hitting the mark.

Throughout July and August, we will send out 60 total units of both the ear device and headband device.

Phase II - Days 60 -120 (September - October) - 100 Units

With test and feedback results from the phase I (first 60 days / 60 units), we will make any necessary changes to the ear device to achieve the best fit. Our goal by this point is to produce and send the final version of the ear device to 100 backers, but we will continue to send both ear and headband devices. By using/testing both devices we hope to gain valuable data and feedback on how we can improve various aspects of each device.

We are planning to send in two batches of 50 units during the month of September and possibly beginning of October during this phase of rollout.

Phase III - Days 120 -180 (November - December) - 140 Units

For the last phase of BruxRelief's rollout we will continue with any necessary iterations of the ear device and we will continue to produce the headband device as well. We plan to build and send 2 batches of 70 units to remaining backers. Again, we seek to acquire data and user feedback for each device to continue perfecting each approach.


We are excited for this next few weeks to finally produce the BruxRelief device for YOU. It's been a year since the Kickstarter, lots of twists and turns but we're finally here. Thank you so much for all your support along the way. 

In your corner,

Brock Predovich

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