• Brock Predovich

The Long Long Update

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Dear backers,

I wanted to first, acknowledge and share appreciation for the individuals that have expressed frustration with the lack of communication on my part. I, Brock, continue to delay in updating you. I am sorry for that. Rob, you are correct, this is not some mundane toy, it is a wellness device and it will help a lot of people... starting with our Kickstarter backers.

So, here's the REAL situation.

I continue to be delayed, because I'm neck deep in all of BruxRelief's development. From the beginning I've wore multiple hats in engineering, marketing, fundraising, ceoing and various other tasks. 

In the last year and a half I've traveled to Moldova for 4 months to join an business accelerator their to access funding and help with engineering, as well as joining an accelerator in New Mexico to access funding and engineering help. I've invested over $10K of my own money in this device as well as spent nearly every waking hour working on the novel sensor technology behind the device and the device itself. 

My efforts in joining accelerators were not fruitless from a learning perspective but each failed to deliver on help and connections from the investment side or the engineering side. I don't blame this on those programs, they were great in their core mission of teaching lean startup theory and exercise, but help on the investment side was not there or came with too many strings attached and the engineering side was not there at all.

I say all this, in no way complaining and I am not making an excuse for my lack in communication. I took the chances I was given and unfortunately they didn't bare fruit. Regardless, these setbacks have not stopped me. 

I say all this to rely the fact that my commitment is REAL! I am NOT stopping until I get YOU my backers and supporters the help you deserve.

Light now in the tunnel...

A few months ago, I had a bit of a miracle. At the time, I just found out about the shortage in the main component I was using for the device and also was delayed in Indonesia taking care of a family problem. But, I didn't want slow down on my commitment to YOU my backers, so I reached out to several Makerspaces in hopes of finding a place to keep working on the BruxRelief device and asked each of them for connections to engineers. 

A miracle happened when one space in Jakarta opened their doors to me and connected me with an absolutely amazing electrical and hardware engineer (Sam). Since then I've traveled back and forth every 2 weeks from Bali (my family) to Jakarta.

With Sam, we have moved light years ahead in solving problems that I've struggled with for over a year and been able to circumvent the shortage of the component I've mentioned before.

We are on the right track and still aiming for a June release. 

As of right now, the Kickstarter money is tapped, we've got $1K left and below I will detail the progress we've made with this money. Again.... I'm not stopping. I do this for YOU, I do this for myself and my family. I truly believe in what we are finally in sight of... getting this device fully built and out to YOU.

My family has just committed another $15K to this project, because, like YOU, they believe in me and that this device will help a lot of people. Additionally, I have a partner joining the team as COO that will commit another substantial amount of money that will ensure this device gets to YOU. 

With her joining the team, it will lighten my load and give me more time to focus on pushing through the last phases of the design and more time for communication, future fundraising and marketing plans.

Truly, I am very sorry for how I've failed to communicate properly. I've quite simply been inundated, sometimes engulfed with tasks in this fight. But, now finally the right partners have come aboard and the end is in sight / and beginning.

I want all of you to know, the reason I write this long update..., I am FULLY committed to this! I am not stopping until I get this device in your hands and around your ear to help you. I'm not giving up on YOU and I truly appreciate you not giving up on me.

The SHORT Update:

- We've designed and printed the first 10 PCB (circuit) boards for the earpiece sensor and completed tests. The boards work great, but we are going to add one more component to increase the redundancy of the systems protection of data during transfer. We are printing new test boards and should receive them within 2 weeks.

- We have printed a small test batch of the docking station boards and tests have been completed. We will now make the boards a little smaller to fit within the docking station we've design and print several more test boards.

- We have completed testing and development of the novel muscle activation sensor I, we've, been working on for the last year. This is the main sensor that will detect the muscle that fire / activate during the clenching and grinding of bruxism. Our tests have proved more accurate than any of the current solutions on the market and this technology can be applied to various applications.

- We've contracted a patent lawyer and now have a fully completed utility patent application for our novel sensor and apparatus.

- We are now rapidly iterating the device's design using 3D printers and edging closer each day to the manufacturing ready CAD (design files) needed to produce the plastic enclosures of the electronics and sensor that fit and adjustable around the ear. We believe we will have the final design files completed within the next 2 weeks. 

- In mid-March, we are planning our final design / integration "sprint" where we will be integrating all the pieces we've been working on: PCB's for ear piece and docking station, plastics for ear piece and docking station, mobile app and firmware of the device. Our goal with this last push is to get the device manufacturing ready so we can begin manufacturing in April so we can ship in June.


I apologize for the lack in communication (and for this long message ;) but my hope is to accurately detail all the things that have been going on in the background and rely my commitment to YOU. It has been a very long road, filled with lots of twists and turns, but I am here, now WE, the right team is here and we are quickly approaching delivery of our commitment to YOU. 

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